f5: Footscray in Transition captures the evolving urban, environmental, social and cultural changes within Footscray in 2016.

Footscray is currently a city in transition, undergoing major changes to its physical, social and cultural landscape through urban and housing redevelopment, immigration, economic development and emerging new arts hubs. 

The f5 project hopes to document and record some of these once in a lifetime changes as perceived by local artists in a series of arts events: exhibitions, media projections, public art installations and artists talks.

A new project artist is commissioned each year, documenting the iconic Footscray landmarks including Footscray Station, Irving Street, McNab Avenue, Binks Ford (Hopkins Street), Nicholson Street Bridge, Donut Van (at Footscray Station), Little Saigon, Nicholson Street Mall, Footscray Hotel and the photographer’s personal choice: a Footscray Skyline.



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